Powering a Sustainable Tomorrow with

Low Carbon Energy

Committed to addressing global climate change, our integrated solutions transform biogas, flared gases, and stranded gases into affordable low-carbon energies, powering industries, transportation, and accelerating fleet electrification.

Innovation and Sustainability
in our DNA

MACAW Energies was founded by Golar LNG in 2022 with a firm belief in urgently addressing climate change through economically viable solutions. Flare gas and methane emissions are among the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. MACAW's vision is to reduce GHG emissions by capturing and converting flared and wasted gases into low carbon LNG. Fueled by our technological passion and commitment to sustainability, we stand as pioneers in developing, owning, and operating cost-efficient solutions, powering industries and transportation sustainably.

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Climate Urging

Alarming data reveals a current warming rate of 0.2°C per decade, projecting a 1.5°C increase by 2040. Reports from IPCC, IRENA, and IEA underscore how the rapid advancements in renewables fall short of the targets needed for achieving Net Zero scenarios and securing the wellbeing of our planet and future generations. The imperative for immediate solutions to slash emissions and offer affordable low-carbon energy alternatives during the transition journey is undeniably real.

Gas flaring, in particular, severely impacts climate, health, and the environment, with more than 140 billion cubic meters of natural gas flared annually, equating to a staggering 350 billion tons of CO2 equivalent emissions. While the Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario mandates eliminating nonemergency flaring globally by 2030, economically viable solutions remain elusive for small-volume and stranded flares. Macaw Energies addresses this challenge by innovatively capturing, liquefying, and transforming flare into low-carbon LNG with its mobile flare to LNG solution.

Learn More About Our Impact
150 Billion cubic metres
of natural gas are flared into the atmosphere each year - Almost one third of the EU’s total gas consumption.
400 Billion tons of CO2
Equivalent emission to sequester from 473 Million acres of forests.
$30 Billion USD
potential value from amount of gas flared worldwide each year - That’s more than the nominal GDP of 36 African countries.

Pioneering Energy Transformation

At Macaw Energies, we offer end-to-end solutions to better monetize to-be-flared gases, biogas productions, and stranded wells providing industries and transportation access to local energy while eliminating Greenhouse Gas emissions from venting and flaring.

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