Converting emissions into

Low Carbon Energy

With a deep commitment to address global climate change, Macaw Energies provides integrated solutions that transform biogas, flared and stranded gases into affordable low carbon energies for industries and communities.

Climate Urging


Gas flaring is the burning of natural gas associated with oil extraction. It deeply impacts climate, health and environment. About 144 billion cubic meters of gas have been flared in 2021 worldwide, resulting in over 400 million tons of CO2 equivalent emissions annually. The equivalent wasted energy  could power more than 35 million houses for one year.

The Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario requires all non-emergency flaring to be eliminated globally by 2030, resulting in a 90% reduction in flared volumes as per IEA 2021 Report.

The traditional approach to flare gas utilization – collecting associated gas and transporting it through a gas pipeline – is heavily dependent on how large are the volumes and how close are existing pipeline. Oilfields are often located in remote and inaccessible places making it logistically and economically challenging.

When production sites are small and dispersed over a large geographic area, capturing and using the associated gas is often viewed as prohibitively expensive. An estimated 124 MM m³/d of gas flared worldwide are from onshore sources under 85.000 m³ per day.

Therefore, Oil producers face significant challenges capturing, storing, transporting, and distributing associated gas. The cost of ending all routine flaring could be as much as $100 billion.

150 Billion cubic metres
of natural gas are flared into the atmosphere each year - Almost one third of the EU’s total gas consumption.
400 Billion tons of CO2
Equivalent emission to sequester from 473 Million acres of forests.
$30 Billion USD
potential value from amount of gas flared worldwide each year - That’s more than the nominal GDP of 36 African countries.
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What We do

Macaw energies mission is to avoid flaring and to monetize wasted gases, by converting them into better energies. We enable end-users displace other more polluting fuels that generate higher emissions per energy unit, such as coal and diesel.

We help Oil&Gas producers achieve carbon neutral targets while creating additional revenue streams. We also help our clients to secure clean and affordable energy.

Our proprietary cost-efficient micro scale liquefaction module enables monetizing moderate volumes of off-grid natural gas, otherwise non economically viable to manage with other technologies.

Our solutions apply to associated gases, biogas productions, and stranded wells providing regional industries and communities access to local energy whole eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from venting and flaring.

To unlock the capital expenditure hurdle and create positive impact, we operate as sustainable LNG producers where we buy the feed gas, treat it, liquefy it and distribute it to regional off takers in need for affordable clean energy.

On client site, we use proprietary designs to receive, store and regasify the LNG. The client experience a smooth gas delivery operation all managed by Macaw.

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Modular design enabling production scalability and capital expenditure optimization.

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Skid mounted with small footprint designed for mobility and prompt installation.

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Designed for reliability at scale with digital remote monitoring and interventions.

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Engineered for ZERO venting and maximal environmental positive impact.

We Operate

With our vertically integrated technology and business model, we aim to decarbonize at scale the gas value chain globally. Backed by our partners, we operate as an LNG producer.

We buy underutilized associated gases, biogases and stranded fields gases to treat, liquify, and distribute them to our customers for use in regasification, LNG as a Fuel and Power generation.


How Can You
Make An Impact

We partner with responsible producers and buy their wasted gases, treat it and convert it to low carbon energies. We help producers :

Capture lost revenue from gas
Improve emissions credentials

We provide small scale gas responsible offtakers a full-cycle solution offering them onsite access to low carbon natural gas at competitive pricing. We help offtakers :

Access onsite low carbon affordable energy
Lower emissions and reduce GHG footprint
Stop wasting fuel, contact us

We Are

Macaw Energies counts on a team with diversified expertise in Energy and LNG projects.
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Being a nimble and lean organization allows us to innovate serving the urging climate needs, converting waste gas to sustainable energy. We are a pioneering company that mixes vision, technological ingenuity and a passion for a better energy for everyone.

Macaw is the continuations of more than 7 years of intense work by a passionate team unlocking right technology and business proposition to bridge stranded and flared gases to the energy consumers, doing it in a safe, and environmentally friendly way.

We harbor a positive business and working environment that is safe and fun for our employees. As a Golar LNG company, Macaw brings an unparallel experience and technical knowledge to its LNG projects.

Golar LNG is one of the most innovative and successful companies in the LNG sector, being responsible for the evolution of the industry with the development of Floating Regaseification Units (FSRUs), Floating Liquefaction Units (FLNGs), and for the Small-Scale shipping sector. All this experience and billions of dollars of investments was put together to build Macaw.
We are

Our employees are the engine of our company. We are building a diverse team with the most innovative professionals in their field of expertise. We value the positive, solution-oriented attitude and creative minds who are constantly striving for their best.

If you are passionate about being a part of the clean energy future while working in a dynamic, fast-paced and challenging startup environment, we welcome you to send us your resume sharing your skills and goals with your area of interest.

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