Who We Are

Founded in 2022, MACAW Energies is dedicated to combating climate change with solutions that are not only economically viable but also environmentally imperative. Our focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by transforming flared and wasted gases into low-carbon LNG, offering a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a nimble approach, we specialize in developing, owning, and operating innovative and cost-efficient energy solutions. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to power industries and transportation in ways that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

Our efforts are strengthened by the backing of Golar LNG, a pioneer in the LNG industry known for its revolutionary developments in Floating Regasification and Liquefaction Units. This partnership enriches our foundation with unparalleled experience and significant investment, propelling us towards making a meaningful impact in the energy sector.

Our Pillars of Impact

Our approach is firmly grounded in four foundational pillars that define our identity and drive our impact:

Vertical Integration

We optimize the entire energy process, from gas origination to energy delivery, ensuring the lowest carbon intensities and highest cost-efficiency. We ensure energy efficiency, zero venting, and zero flaring.

Low Carbon Gas Portfolio

We curate a diverse portfolio of low carbon gases sourced from flare, biogas, and stranded wells. We strive toward building a resilient and carbon neutral mix.

Innovation at Every Step

From pioneering Flare-to-LNG liquefaction to forward-looking LNG-to-EV charging infrastructure, our innovative solutions span the entire value chain leveraging proprietary technologies and strategic partnerships.

Transforming Energy Landscapes

Actively contributing to mitigating environmental impact, we displace high-emission fuels in transportation and industries by cleaner gas that would otherwise be wasted.

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The Leadership Team

Eduardo Antonello

Eduardo has dedicated over 25 years to multinational corporations worldwide, where he founded and served as CEO of global businesses. His extensive international career spans the Oil, Gas, and Power industries, during which he successfully established various enterprises, setting the vision and strategies. With his experience in Energy and Infrastructure, Eduardo brings a wealth of expertise to the team.

Slim Hbaieb

As CEO, Slim brings more than two decades of experience in the Energy Sector, featuring a diverse international career encompassing Technology, Business, and Operations. He has worked across a spectrum of organizations, including startups, multinational corporations, and state-owned companies. Slim's passion for innovation, sustainability, and translating ideas into profitable ventures drives his leadership.

Kasciandro Senem
Chief Commercial Officer

Kasciandro is a seasoned professional in the Energy and LNG sector. Leading our global commercial and business development efforts, his portfolio includes vehicle electrification solutions, power generation, gas trading, and the distribution of liquefied and compressed natural gas.

Hugo Bizzo
Chief Engineer

With over 15 years of experience in the Gas and Energy sector, Hugo has held various roles in Innovation and Engineering. He holds an engineering degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Gabriel Bizzo
Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel, an executive in the Energy sector with more than a decade of experience, is responsible for developing new businesses, managing operations in the Natural Gas sector, and executing market initiatives. He oversees business operations in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia

Guilherme Valverde

Valverde boasts over 15 years of finance experience and possesses deep knowledge of the oil and gas industry, along with the banking and real estate sectors. His prior roles include positions at Origem Energia, New Fortress Energy, Golar Power, NCH Capital, Brookfield Brasil, and Banco Modal.


Join a Team Driving Sustainable Change

 At MACAW, our culture thrives on innovation, safety, and enjoyment. We're building a team of visionary thinkers eager to drive sustainable change. If you're passionate about contributing to a cleaner energy future and thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, we want to hear from you.