MACAW Energies was founded by Golar LNG in 2022 with a firm belief in urgently addressing climate change through economically viable solutions. Flare gas and methane emissions are among the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. MACAW's vision is to reduce GHG emissions by capturing and converting flared and wasted gases into low carbon LNG, displacing diesel and propane.

Innovating for a Positive Impact

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Mitigating Flare

We enable Oil & Gas producers to monetize flared and stranded gases, creating additional revenue streams while curbing environmental impact.

Unlocking Biogas Project

We make stranded biogas projects viable for potential RNG producers by off taking their production and assuring long-term revenue streams.

Accelerating Fleets Electrification

We offer low-carbon LNG for off-grid ultrafast EV charging, expediting the transition to EV fleets facing grid connections time and cost challenges

Extending Low Carbon Gas Access

We bring affordable clean energy solutions to locations beyond natural gas pipeline reach, extending access to low carbon gas for industries and transportation.

Macaw’s Unique solution Offers

Impactful Emission Reductions

Each F2X Flare capture unit enable the reduction of over 20.000 metrictons of CO2 per year when displacing diesel by the produced LIQUIDFLARE.


of CO2e emissions reduction


Metric Tons

Over 20,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions reduction

~3,5 MW

of CO2e emissions reduction


kwh per day

Produced from Low Carbon LNG

Our Sustainability Ambitions

Our sustainability strategy is designed to maximize our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and particularly to Goals 13  (Climate Action); 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy); 8 (Decent work and economic growth); and 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure). We have set three ambitions for the coming years:

Make affordable low carbon energy accessible to all :

We are creating access to energy for the people that need it most, in Brazil and beyond.

Innovate and deliver resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure :

We are building infrastructure for low carbon energy generation and mobility with natural and green gas.

Unlock the power of low carbon LNG

to decarbonize logistics and mobility.

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Our Sustainability Foundations

Supporting our work to accelerate the UN SDGs, our sustainability foundations ensure we operate sustainably, minimize our environmental impact, run safe and secure and operations, and remain a great employer.

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Protecting the environment

Our environment policy keeps us focused on minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We are driving down carbon emissions and waste, minimizing water use and protecting biodiversity.

Supporting people

Health and safety are at the core of what we do and critical to our success, and we seek to maintain our outstanding safety record and provide our employees and the communities where we operate with a safe environment.

Operating responsibly

Our business is founded on robust governance, sound business ethics and our values which foster a positive business and working environment.


We rely on an experienced board and management team to provide transparent corporate governance and independent management.

We provide our colleagues with training and resources to implement our codes of business conduct. We manage our suppliers to ensure they align with our corporate responsibilities and ethical processes.

We aim to maintain the integrity and reputation of our business to achieve our objectives, and rely on our corporate governance to build trust with our investors, the communities where we operate and all of our stakeholders. These governance arrangements also safeguard our financial viability and help ensure Macaw Energies is an attractive long-term investment opportunity for our sponsors.

We set high standards for our operations to ensure minimal impact to our environment, positive relationships with the communities where we operate, and transparent governance through independent management and respect for local policies.

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