Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

At Macaw Energies, we offer the most efficient and profitable end-to-endsolutions to better monetize to-be-flared gases, biogas productions, and stranded wells providing industries and transportation access to local energywhile eliminating Greenhouse Gas emissions from venting and flaring.

Our solutions are paving the way for sustainable energy alternatives, driving us towards a cleaner and more prosperous tomorrow.
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Modular design enabling production scalability and capital expenditure optimization.

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Skid mounted with small footprint designed for mobility and prompt installation.

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Designed for reliability at scale with digital remote monitoring and interventions for predictive analytics and operation support.

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Engineered for ZERO venting and maximum positive environmental impact.

Our Solutions

F2X® Flare Capture and Liquefaction

Our proprietary micro-scale mobile treatment liquefaction module is a cost-efficient solution, converting otherwise flared and stranded gases into economically viable energy sources. The produced LIQUIDFLARE offers a low carbon intensity LNG for displacing more carbon intense fuels.

The F2X system is uniquely designed for flare gas capture, requiring no additional compression, handling inlet gas at low pressure. Its full mobility allows for rapid relocation between flare sites to adapt to fluctuating gas volumes, a critical advantage in the field. Equipped with integrated gas treatment modules capable of managing high CO2 contents, the system ensures efficient processing without the need for flaring or venting during treatment, liquefaction, or loading.

The system is scalable and designed to capture as low 0.5 mmscfd and could tackle up to 30 mmscfd projects.

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LIQUIDFLARE® for Off-grid EV Charging

Strategically designed for fleet depots, highways, truck stops, and parking lots, our off-grid charging solution operates on an internal supply of low-carbon LIQUIDFLARE produced by our F2X units.

Utilizing flared gas for EV charging of MDV and HDVs and Power Generation has the potential to slash CO2 emissions by over 50%. This approach accelerates the transition of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles to lower emission alternatives.

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CNG & LNG Gas Delivery

We offer CNG and LNG delivery with decompression and regassification services to ensure a consistent flow of clean, efficient energy directly to our customers’ operations.

Established in 2005, our controlled  subsidiary in Brazil, LOGAS, supplies end users of natural gas not reached by the natural gas grid,   diplacing heavier-polluting fuels like Diesel and LPG. For more information visit :

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LNG Regasification and Fueling

We offer modular and scalable fueling and  regasification units that can be customized to meet a wide range of requirements.

Our tailored projects seamlessly receive, store, and regasify LNG, creating an efficient and managed gas delivery process under our expert oversight, mitigating any risk of runout.

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Ship to Truck LNG Unloading

Extreme engineering and extensive knowledge of the LNG maritime industry allowed us to create our proprietary technology to load multiple LNG tankers directly from ships, bypassing large-scale unloading and terminal infrastructure.

This streamlined approach ensures a swift establishment of global LNG small-scale supply infrastructure, tailored to our clients’ rapid and flexible needs.

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